Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Junmai

Solid dry kimoto junmai sake, which can be enjoyed both chilled and hot with a variety of food

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Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Junmai is a relatively dry sake. It is mildly acidic and umami-rich While not particularly aromatic it has a slight rice and dairy aroma. It’s a perfect sake to have with food, especially grilled meat, chicken or fish as its dryness and acidity offset the heaviness of the meal, while umami complements the taste.

Kasumi Tsuru brewery boasts almost 300 years of history founded in 1725 in Tajima Province, currently northern Hyogo Prefecture. The brewery is considered as local sake producer in the Tajima area, which accounts for 59% of its total sales. Kasumi Tsuru’s moto is Tajima no Hokori tare, which means Do Tajima proud! In 1999 the brewery started making kimoto and by 2011 switched all it’s production to kimoto and yamahai method.

Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Junmai is great both chilled and hot. I experimented with both and I loved it.

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