Gozenshu 1859 Prototype

A limited-edition complex unpasteurised and undiluted junmai sake: wild, bold and intriguing.


The full name of the sake is Gozenshu 1859 Prototype Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu Nakadori Bodaimoto. It looks like the brewer decided to make this sake to cover everything in the sake brewing textbook. Made from my favourite Omachi rice, this sake is a real find. First, to decipher the name, it is junmai undiluted unpasteurised and unfiltered sake. You will notice straight away the green/yellow tint as it wasn’t filtered using charcoal. Nakadori means “middle press”, so it’s the sake from the middle of the tank, the most stable and usually considered as the highest quality. Bodaimoto is the ancient brewing method and 1859 refers to the year when Omachi rice was rediscovered for sake brewing.

As a result, Gozenshu 1859 Prototype is a bold and complex sake with a deep and dramatic taste. While it’s not an overly aromatic sake, you will still notice melon and apricot scents at the beginning. The aroma will unfold slowly as the sake is warming up adding rice, cheese and event a bit or stone and wood notes. Gozenshu 1859 Prototype’s taste is rich and full of wild notes and overtones. It has higher acidity which offset the sweetness of the sake.

The sake is great with a wide range of foods, especially with hearty and spicy ones. I tried it with cheese and it tasted amazing and then I drank it with fried teriyaki salmon and it was superb!

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