Chronicles of the sake journey

Sake myths

Busting popular sake myths and legends

Now it's time to catch up with my blog posts. I have spent a lot of time writing and recording the first few episodes of my podcast. If you have not listened to it, it's available on the website as well as on all podcasting platforms. Just search for Sugidama...

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5 sake to drink in quarantine

5 great sake to buy online in the quarantine

The world is in the lockdown but you can still buy sake online. I have compiled a quick list of sake I would recommend buying. It's based on the online availability (some stocks look like being dried out), possible occasions, offers and my preferences. Also, I decided to feature some...

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5 spring sake

5 best sake to enjoy in spring

I have started writing this post before all this coronavirus pandemic became so critical and severe. When the situation worsened I almost abandoned this article thinking that in such dire times it's probably not really relevant. However, after a week in self-isolation, I thought that people can still enjoy sake...

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