Chronicles of the sake journey

Kubota sake tasting

New Kubota Sake in London

Innovation is what keeps brands going on. There is a classic theory of a product life cycle from a rising star to a kind of a dinosaur. However, the theory does not take innovation into account. And if a brand innovates, it can continue to exist for a very long...

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5 sake to celebrate Xmas and New Year

5 sake to celebrate Christmas and New Year

It feels like summer was only yesterday, and behold, it's already the end of the year! And it’s a great time to try new sake. Not only there are plenty of opportunities to try it at various tastings but also it’s a good way to celebrate the New Year a...

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Japan 2019: Sake in the Air

After a stressful house move, we managed to sleep through the flight and landed in Japan. We hoped to relax in Kyoto but had to move from Airbnb to a hotel. Read about our first day in Japan!

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