Chronicles of the sake journey

Japan 2019: Sake in the Air

After a stressful house move, we managed to sleep through the flight and landed in Japan. We hoped to relax in Kyoto but had to move from Airbnb to a hotel. Read about our first day in Japan!

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what sake to drink in autumn

5 great sake to enjoy this autumn

Autumn is a special time for sake. To help you to choose a right sake I have selected 5 sake to drink with hearty autumn meals. I have also included a few simple tips how to choose a perfect autumn sake! Kampai!

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shinkansen japan

Japan 2019: plans and schedules

“So when could we go?” my daughter asked. She meant Japan, of course. Ever since our first trip there in 2016, I have wanted to go back. I had this feeling of unfulfillment, not necessary of a missed opportunity but more like “we could’ve done more”. I guess that time...

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