Chronicles of the sake journey

Sake bottles in Japan House

SSI sake taste profiles

SSI taste profiles is a great way to assess and remember the sake you try. The Sake Service Institute (SSI) have divided all the sake into four categories, kun-shu, sou-shu, jun-shu and juku-shu based on two criteria: aroma and flavour. Read a brief overview of all the four profiles including …

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Sake and rice

What is sake made from: Rice

Rice is the essence of sake. It's the source of alcohol and gives it its flavour, aroma, texture and the character. It’s like grape to wine but slightly different.

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5 sake to drink this summer

5 great sake to try this summer

Summer is a perfect time to try sake. You can enjoy a sparkling sake while chilling out in the shade, a robust junmai sake with BBQ or refined ginjo sake at a dinner party. Just look out for opportunities!

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