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Japan 2019: plans and schedules

“So when could we go?” my daughter asked. She meant Japan, of course. Ever since our first trip there in 2016, I have wanted to go back. I had this feeling of unfulfillment, not necessary of a missed opportunity but more like “we could’ve done more”. I guess that time...

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The importance of having comments

I've been writing in my blog for almost 2 years. In order to make it better I need more feedback from my readers. So I have a plea: please get in touch with me through comments, subscription or direct messages. ...

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Sugidama Tsukimi Sake Drinks

Sugidama Tsukimi Sake Drinks

Have you ever experienced that sweet feeling when you have been contemplating about doing something for some time and finally accomplishing it? You look back and say: Yes, we did it! Sugidama Tsukimi Sake Drinks were fun and a great opportunity to meet old and new friends with a...

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