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Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute Dinner
Presented by Tengu Sake

British Sake Association is delighted to announce its next event: a dinner featuring the incredible sake of the Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute. The Institute's toji is legendary Master Brewer Noguchi Naohiko, who has been making sake for 73 years and is known as "the God of sake brewing". The brewery was established in 2017 to help pass […] Find out more »


Kikisake-shi Course 2022

Course 2022

  • Day1 30th June 1000-1700
  • Day2 1st July 1000-1700
  • Day3 2nd July 1000-1700
  • Exam 22nd July 1000-1330 (TBC)
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Namazake: Sake Alive!

There are many pleasures in sake you start appreciating only with time. When your first aha moment has passed and you went through the ginjo stage, you start looking beyond your comfort zone. There are many types of sake that you start discovering: nigori, junmai, koshu. But namazake is probably...

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