Chronicles of the sake journey

5 great sparkling sake for the festive season!

Following my article about sparkling sake, I decided to follow it with 5 quick recommendations for sparkling sake available outside Japan. I think that the selection of sparkling sake has massively improved in recent years. You can choose between sweeter and drier variants, have more affordable or luxury brands and...

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Sparkling sake, awasake

Sparkling sake: gimmick or real stuff?

It's New Year/Christmas time and a very good excuse to try sparkling sake. Make a surprise and bring a bottle to your party (well if we can still have New Year parties) or just to your own Christmas/New Year Eve table and toast the new 2022 with a glass of...

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Kanzake, otsukan

5 great sake to drink warm

Kanzake Time Follow-Up!

Following the article about kanzake, I present five recommendations for the sake which are great to drink warm or even hot. In addition, I am including a special TSUKI kijoshu sake from the Kanpai London brewery, which has just been released. I think that the fact that you can drink...

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