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Kanzake, otsukan

5 great sake to drink warm

Kanzake Time Follow-Up!

Following the article about kanzake, I present five recommendations for the sake which are great to drink warm or even hot. In addition, I am including a special TSUKI kijoshu sake from the Kanpai London brewery, which has just been released. I think that the fact that you can drink...

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Kanzake, warmed sake

Kanzake Time! The joys of warm sake

The Season of Warm Sake Autumn has just appeared on my doorsteps like a temperamental distant relative, who dropped by for an evening but stayed for weeks. One day is bright with crispy cool air, vivid red and yellow colours and a nice breeze. And then you have a week...

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5 Japanese sake to drink in summer 2021

5 Sake to drink in Summer 2021

Summer requires summer sake. Everything is seasonal in Japan, and sake, the drink that counts 1000 years of history, is not an exception. However, summer sake is a relatively new concept and the term natsuzake (夏酒, summer sake) only appeared in 2007 coined by the Sake Service Institute (SSI) as...

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