Chronicles of the sake journey

Data Masamune statue

Miyagi: A Passage to Tohoku

After going to the presentation of Miyagi prefecture, I have it on my list of future destinations. It's famous not only for it capital, Sendai, founded by powerful lord of teh Sengoku era, Date Masamune, not only for Matsushima Bay, which is considered as one of Japan's most scenic views...

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Toshimaya Kinkon Sparkling Junmai

Toshimaya: Tokyo sake since 1596

I have come across Toshimaya Sake Brewery at Edo Tokyo Kirari event in London. Toshimaya is the oldest sake brewery in Tokyo and a producer of shirozake popular during Hinamatsuri.

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Kubota sake tasting

New Kubota Sake in London

Innovation is what keeps brands going on. There is a classic theory of a product life cycle from a rising star to a kind of a dinosaur. However, the theory does not take innovation into account. And if a brand innovates, it can continue to exist for a very long...

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