Sake & Pintxos Discovery Night (Backstory)

Sake & Pintxos Discovery Night: Calling all food and drinks explorers! Come and discovery the amazing combination of sake and pintxos, try your sensory abilities in quizzes and your luck in a raffle! I also offer a special price for my subscribers! But only if you buy from the Eventbrite website. Please use the code SUGIDAMA9 to get your 20% discount. Please come for beautiful sake, delicious pintxos and a lot of fun!

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Dojima Sake Brewery: how the £1,000 sake tastes like

Dojima Sake Brewery has been the talk of the sake industry for recent months not only because it's the first sake brewery in the opened by a Japanese company but also due to its £1,000 per bottle price tag. I’ve managed to try this beautiful sake and here’s my report.

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