Kanpai Fizu Sparkling Sake

Dry and refreshing sparkling sake from Kanpai Brewery from London, UK.

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Kanpai London sake brewery has made a formidable journey from a geeky couple who decided to make an exotic Japanese drink in London to a top-notch kraft sake brewery, taproom and education facility in Peckham, the southern part of London, which is now famous not only for “Peckham Spring” but also Peckham sake! This is the first entry for the brewery in my tasting notes.

Kanpai Fizu is a junmai sparkling sake, dry and crisp as most of Kanpai sake due to the local water and the chosen style. The aroma is simple and pleasant with some grapefruit and caramel notes and feels drier than the sake actually is. When you make the first sip, it feels a bit like beer but very quickly you realise that the taste is closer to champagne. I think that the taste is much closer to the Western palate than much Japanese sake: dry and fresh with slightly higher acidity and some bitterness and pleasant caramel notes. Fizu has a silky texture and a light body and is very easy to drink. Compared to champagne, it’s still less acidic and less fizzy.

It’s a perfect sake for a casual drink on a hot sunny day or an aperitif at the beginning of a garden party. It will go well with any light snacks light smoked salmon canape, shrimps or sashimi and sushi. Pricewise, you are getting a very classy drink at a reasonable price.

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