Hakutsuru Shuzo Sayuri Junmai Nigori

An elegant and relatively inexpensive nigori sake which would appeal to those who like sake on the sweeter side

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Sayuri Junmai Nigori is an elegant sake from Hakutsuru, the largest sake producer in Japan. It’s a quite affordable but high-quality sake. Sayuri’s aroma is not very prominent with fruity notes of pear and banana and pleasant sweet rice scent. It has a creamy texture and sweet taste. The acidity is relatively low but still present to offset the sweetness a bit. You can notice a bit of caramel, plum and some honey notes.

You can easily drink Sayuri Junmai Nigori sake on its own even as a nice after-meal drink or digestif.  However, it should be also great with food paired with either sushi or some a bit salty dish to have a good combination of saltiness and sweetness. I actually had it with grilled chicken and it was surprisingly a very good combination.

As I have already mentioned, Hakutsuru is the largest sake brewing company in Japan. Established in 1743, it’s located in Hyogo prefecture in the Nada district, famous for its water, Miyamizu, which comes from Mount Rokku. The company produces a very wide range of sake from table futsushu to super-premium junmai daiginjo.

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