Dewazakura Sarasara Nama Ginjo Nigori

Fresh and light seasonal cloudy sake with a clean finish from Yamagata prefecture

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Dewazakura Sarasara is a special seasonal version of famous Oka Ginjo. It appears in spring when the sake brewing season is over. Sarasara is nama (unpasteurised) and nigori (cloudy), which make such a cool combination. The freshness and wildness of nama meet the gentle sweetness of nigori, creating an amazing spring sake with a delicate floral aroma and hints of pear, peach and strawberry. Dewazakura Sarasara has a clean and fresh taste, not as sweet as most nigori sake, but boasting a clean and refreshing finish, which reminds me of spring water.

As most nama sake, Sarasara should be kept refrigerated even if unopened and drunk within a few days after opening. The notes I’ve got with the sake suggest avoiding glass vessels as “cloudy sake will leave sake lees marks on the glass, which might not look aesthetically pleasing”. I am not completely sure about it. The marks are definitely well offset by an amazing look of Dewzakura Sarasara in your glass! It’s a great sake to have with seafood, especially clams and scallops. But it is so delicious on its own, that you can easily sip it as an aperitif or with nibbles like cheese.

Dewazakura sake brewery is one of my favourite breweries and located in Yamagata prefecture, which is quite famous in Japan for its focus on ginjo sake. Dewazakura is a relatively young brewery being founded in 1892. Interestingly, the founding Nakano family already had two sake breweries by the time they started Dewazakura. The name of the brewery comes from two words: Dewa, an ancient name of Yamagata prefecture and “zakura”, which is sakura, cherry blossom. For me it sounds very fresh and delicate as cherry blossom petals. And it’s true for Dewazakura sake style.

Dewazakura brewery was one of the first in Japan to release affordable ginjo sake and it was Oka. Back then ginjo was still more like a trophy type of sake made for competitions rather for the general consumer. Oka Ginjo was very well received, triggering the so-called “Ginjo boom.”


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