Tosatsuru Washi no Junmai

Typical Tosa style sake, dry and light with a gentle aroma and a soft if a bit grainy texture. Perfect with seafood.

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Tosatsuru sake comes from Kochi Prefecture, situated on the south coast of Shikoku island. The old name of the region is Tosa, thus the name of the brewery. Tosa domain always had its own distinctive style of sake: crisp, fresh and dry to complement local seafood. Tosatsuru Washi no Junmai is not an exception. It’s a light and dry sake with a gentle slightly mineral aroma with green peppery and stone fruit notes. As you smell it first you can also catch a whiff of vanilla, herbs and a bit of raisin.

As you start drinking Tosatsuru Washi no Junmai, you will notice its slightly grainy but soft texture, pepper and dairy in the taste and a relatively short finish. It’s not an intense sake and it pairs perfectly with seafood, light chicken dishes, salads and other delicate food.

Tosatsuru Brewery was established during the Edo period in 1773 and is currently headed by the 11th generation descendant of the founding Hiromatsu family. The brewery is renowned for its excellent sake and innovative bottle design.

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