Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo

Fruity and easy to drink Junmai Daiginjo, one of the most versatile sake in the market

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Dassai 50 is probably an epiphany of Junmai Daiginjo: fruity, very well balanced and smooth. If I need to recommend a sake for someone who has never tried the drink before, Dassai 50 is always my first choice. The brewery, Asahi Shuzo (has nothing to do with the Asahi beer by the way), makes only Junami Daiginjo sake and has grown in recent years from a relatively obscure sake maker to the global and one of the most recognisable sake brands.

Dassai 50 is an entry level sake from Asahi Shuzo. It’s not too expensive and definitely worth the price. I had it paired with silky tofu with ponzu based sauce and baked seabass and it was fantastic. The food and sake didn’t overpower but rather complemented delicate each other’s delicate flavours.


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