Daishichi Masakura Junmai Ginjo

Traditionally brewed kimoto sake with an elegant but complex aroma, rich flavour, and creamy texture made using the innovative super-flat rice-polishing technique developed by the brewery.

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Daishichi Masakura is a beautiful junmai ginjo sake brewed using the traditional kimoto method. It has an elegant but quite intensive and complex aroma dominated by fruity scents like pear, banana and melon but with some sweet notes. I picked cheesecake, raisins and a bit of caramel while my friend found liquorice. The kimoto method definitely provided a certain depth to the aroma and behind fruits and sweets, you can feel a tiny bit of truffle and even wood.

Daishichi Masakura has an intensive flavour, buttery texture and medium body. It is not too sweet. In terms of the tasting profiles, it’s definitely kun-shu but on the full-flavour spector. I tried Daishichi Masakura for the first time at JFC Expo event and liked it even more than its more refined Minowamon Junmai Daiginjo. Daishichi brewery was founded in 1752, making it more than 250 years old. It’s now one of the leading breweries using the kimoto method. It’s also famous for its super-flat rice polishing technique.

We paired Daishichi Masakura with tofu and wakame salad and grilled miso cod, which was a great combination.



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