Urakasumi Zen Junmai Ginjo

Complex and well-balanced junmai ginjo sake with a savoury profile and velvety texture perfect for drinking on its own or paired with a wide variety of food.

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Urakasumi Zen Junmai Ginjo is a signature sake of the Urakasumi Brewery and quite famous.  Apparently, it was first brewed to introduce ginjo sake to Europe, France in particular, in 1972. Since then it has remained in the brewery’s line-up going from strength to strength. It’s mentioned in the excellent Philip Harper’s The Book of Sake and nowadays you can find Urakasumi Zen all over the world despite the fact that the brewery is not very big.

Urakasumi Zen Junmai Ginjo is a complex full-bodied sake with a smooth texture and rich aroma with butter and steamed rice with hints of melon and mint in the nose. Despite being a ginjo sake, it’s still has a quite savoury profile with notes of milk chocolate, nuts and vanilla pudding. It’s amazingly easy to drink and it goes along with a wide range of food from fried fish and seafood to French beef bourguignon. We had it with home-made yakitori and the richness and savouriness of Urakasumi Zen paired perfectly with the dish.

The Urakasumi Brewery was founded in 1724 to make sake for a shrine.

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