Gozenshu Junmai Bodaimoto Usu-nigori Namazake Misty Stream

A versatile nama sake with a complex taste and delicate aroma made from Omachi rice using the ancient bodaimoto method.

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There’s nothing not to like about Gozenshu Misty Stream. It’s a nama (unpasteurised) junmai sake made from prized omachi rice using the ancient bodaimoto method. This combination resulted in a deep and complex taste, high acidity and pleasant sweetness of the sake. On the nose, the sake is not particularly aromatic but you still will notice dairy and rice notes (a good sign of namazake) with a bit of peach and slight sourness.

Gozenshu Misty is undiluted sake with an ABV of 17% but the alcohol is very well integrated. Usu-nigori means a very fine nigori sake with tiny rice particles remaining after pressing. And these tiny rice particles do their job perfectly: Misty Stream has a very lavish oily texture and it’s slightly effervescent because it’s nama so still alive. All this gives the sake a very mouthful feel and punchiness.

You can savour it, think about various taste overtones, and enjoy the drink. I had it with grilled salmon in a creamy mushroom sauce and steamed kabocha pumpkin and it was a great pairing. The acidity and umami of the sake played very nicely with the rich food.
I also tried it warmed up and again it was fantastic. The sake became more mellow and less sweet, and the texture also changed becoming more velvety. The bottle of Misty Stream also looks fantastic with two ancient women on the label. So yeah, it’s amazing sake!


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