Kanpai SUMI Tokubetsu Junmai

Excellent sake for those who love white wine: dry, yeasty and acidic.

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Kanpai Sumi has a very distinctive style, which you usually won’t find in Japan. While it still tastes like sake, it has a lot of similarity with white wine. Unlike many sake, Kanpai Sumi is dry, yeasty and quite acidic. It has a sharp and quick finish with leaves a bit of sweetness in the mouth with a robust umami aftertaste. It’s a great sake to start your sake journey with, especially if you coming from the wine camp.

Kanpai Sumi is a tokubetsu junmai sake, meaning that it’s brewed only from rice and water using koji and yeast. Sumi is brewed at a low temperature which makes the brewing process longer making the sake special or tokubetsu in Japanese. Oh, Sumi means “clear” in Japanese.

Kanpai London Craft Sake Brewery is going from strength to strength in their endeavour to bring local sake to the UK.  The amazing thing about Lucy and Tom is that they have developed their own distinctive sake style still using the traditional sake brewing techniques.

Kanpai Sumi is a very versatile sake. I had it slightly chilled with teriyaki salmon and also spicy chicken wings and it tasted superb. However, the brewery also recommends to warm it up to 45C, which I am going to do next time.



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