Yoemon Tokubetsu Junmai Miyama Nishiki

Great sake from Iwate prefecture to enjoy warm.

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Yoemon Tokubetsu Junmai Miyama Nishiki is only slightly aromatic with rice, honey notes and a hint of fruitiness. On the other hand, the taste is quite complex with sweetness and high acidity. It’s slightly effervescent with a butter texture, a medium body, and a long finish.

Yoemon Tokubetsu Junmai is great hot. The temperature takes off some rough edges, makes the texture even more velvety, and balances the acidity. So if drunk hot, it’s a perfect sake for yummy comfort food like a hamburger, grilled or simmered tako (octopus) or kabocha in shio koji and fried lotus root. At room temperature, it’s super delicious with slightly marinaded mackerel sashimi.

Kawamura Shuzoten is a relatively young sake brewery founded only in 1922. However, its main brand, Yoemon, created by the current owner and toji,  Naotaka Kawamura and named after his grandfather, the founder of Kawamura Shuzo, is very highly esteemed among sake lovers.


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