Keigetsu Nigori Junmai Daiginjo

A very refreshing and friendly cloudy sake from Kochi Prefecture, which goes amazingly well with seafood.

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Keigetsu Nigori is a very aromatic sake. You will notice straight away sweet apple, melon, lychee and other tropical flavours. It’s a relatively sweet sake as many nigori sake and has a pleasant creamy texture and long smooth finish. When I tried it for the first time, I tasted a bit of lemon cheesecake which had a nice interplay with sharp alcohol notes.

Keigetsu is a brand of Tosa Brewing Company established in 1877 in  Kochi prefecture on Shikoku Island in the south of Japan. The area is a former Tosa domain, which played a crucial role in Meiji Restoration, the events that opened up Japan and turned it into a modern country. Keigetsu is a brand name of the sake and it means “The Moon at “Kei”shore” referring to the beautiful scenery of the prefecture’s coastline, its beaches with tall pine trees, blue skies and aquamarine sea.

Keigetsu Nigori is a very refreshing and friendly sake. It goes amazingly well with sashimi, steamed or grilled fish and any other light dishes. But it’s also great on its own.

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