Fukukomachi Junmai Karakuchi “Evening Sky”

Dry and crisp easy-to-drink junmai sake that goes perfectly with a wide variety of foods.

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Fukukomachi “Evening Sky” Karakuchi is very crisp and punchy sake, probably the closest to wine I’ve ever had. Karakuchi means “super dry” in Japanese and given the SMV of +8, it lives up to the name. The sake is not very complex but the more you drink it, it grows on you and you start noticing various notes that escaped you at the beginning: minerality, a bit of oat, vanilla etc. Its aroma is mild but fresh and clean with a bit of pumpkin and cucumber. The body is light and the texture is rather silky.

In terms of food, Fukukomachi “Evening Sky” Karakuchi is a very versatile sake. It counterbalances the richness of rich seasonal food creating a fantastic combination with such dishes as grilled chicken, beef stew, a burger, steak or BBQ. I had it with roasted pumpkin, chestnut rice and fish simmered in a rich sauce. Delicious, what can I say?

Kimura Shuzo has a fascinating history and was founded in 1615 in Akita Prefecture by a samurai family. The long and cold winters of Akita allow the brewery to use slow fermentation under colder temperatures resulting in a mellow, rich and smooth style of sake.


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