Fukukomachi Junmai Ginjo

Perfectly balanced easy-to-drink junmai ginjo sake from the brewery founded in 1615

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Elegant junmai ginjo sake, slightly dry and easy to drink with green apple, melon, strawberries and notes of jasmine in the aroma and melon and strawberries in the taste. Fukukomachi Junmai Ginjo (known under a Gentle Breeze name in the UK) is craftily balanced and can be enjoyed both with food or on its own. The brewery, Kimura Shuzo, was founded in 1615 and took the name of the sake from Ono no Komachi, the Japanese legendary poet who was renowned for her unusual beauty.

The brewer suggests that the sake could be drunk at the temperature from 10°C to 40°C, but we had it between 15°C and 20°C and it was great. We paired Fukukomachi Junmai Ginjo with tofu salad seasoned with ponzu and yuzu kosho dressing and steamed chicken and it was perfect.

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