Hyakujuro Junmai Daiginjo (Black Face)

Sweeter but well-balanced sake with a fruity aroma with vanilla notes and dried fruit and honey in the taste.

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Hyakujuro Junmai Daiginjo Black Face (Kurojura or 黒面) is on a sweeter side but very well balanced. The nose is very fruity. I could smell sweet apples and strawberries, but also wood, stone and a bit of vanilla. When you start drinking it, you feel straight away that the sake is full of umami. It has dried fruit and some honey in the taste, which goes very well with heartier food.

We had Hyakujuro KuroJura with hard cheese as a starter and miso-marinated salmon as a main dish. It was a very good match for the sake’s profile rich in umami and balanced acidity.

Hayashi Honten is a relatively young brewery founded in 1920 and located in Gifu Prefecture. It’s one of a few breweries headed by a woman, Rieko Hayashi, the 5th generation scion of the Hayashi family.

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