Chotoku Genshu Honjozo Heavenly Brew

A versatile dry sake from Gifu Prefecture which is great both chilled and warmed up.

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Heavenly Brew is a dry and crisp sake true to the brewery’s style. The brewer’s notes mention faint lychee and melon aromas, though they are hardly noticeable. The sake feels very smooth and light in the mouth. The flavours in the taste are deeper than your nose would suggest with dried fruit and cinnamon notes.

If you warm it up a bit, Heavenly Brew will release more of its delicate aroma, the taste will become slightly more rounded and you will discover deeper flavours.

Michisakari Sake Brewery from Gifu Prefecture is famous for its dry sake. The brewery has been around for almost 250 years and in the last 50 years was focused on making its beautiful dry sake.

Try Chotoku Genshu Honjozo with grilled fish and vegetables, if you prefer your last BBQ of the season light and crispy. But the sake will also go well with a heartier salmon bake or mushroom risotto.


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