Eikun Honjozo Kyonohaku

Sake Haiku:

A clear cool spring
At the old mountain’s foot.
But will you find it?

From Kyoto with love: clean and fresh honjozo sake, which will go perfectly with any food.

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It’s a very versatile honjozo sake, clear, crisp and dry enough to go with a wide variety of foods but still pleasant to drink on its own. Kyonohaku is mildly aromatic with hints of green apple, citrus and rice. The texture is very soft, which compensates for the sake’s dryness making it appear slightly sweeter than it is. The taste is clean and simple with a medium finish and nice spiciness.

The retailer and the producer both recommend it drunk warm. The sake is made with Kyo no Haku yeast developed by Kyoto City, especially for making sake suitable for drinking warm. The yeast produces succinic acid, which takes its name from a Latin word for amber, thus the name, which can be translated as Amber of Kyoto. Succinic acid gives Eikun Kyonohaku its umami flavour, making it a perfect food sake.

I tried it chilled first and then warmed it up to 45 °C. Wark Kyonohaku sake was very smooth with a bit more sweetness and milder acidity. Still, I preferred it chilled because I loved its crisp and clear taste.

I paired Eikun Honjozo Kyonohaku with a few different foods like grilled salmon and chicken, and it worked very well. I can imagine that it will be also delicious with sushi or other seafood. If you experiment with different temperatures, the sake can be a great companion for any food. It is extremely versatile sake!

An interesting fact about the Saito Brewery, which makes the Eikun sake: the founding family was in the kimono-making business for many generations but switched to sake brewing around 1889.


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