Ozeki Josen One Cup

    Pioneering and award-winning ‘one cup’ futsushu with nice and clean simple taste which is great with a wide range of food either on the go or at home.

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    I love the “one cup” format pioneered by Ozeki, who are one of the largest sake producers in Japan. The idea to give you a drink on-the-go, either on the train with your tasty ekiben (a type of packed lunch, which is sold at train stations in Japan) or for a picnic or any other outing. It also works perfectly when you want to have a small drink at home and don’t feel like opening a new bottle of sake.

    So Ozeki One Cup is futsushu, but not just ordinary futsushu. It’s award-winning sake that celebrates more than 50 years of history (launch in 1964, the year of Tokyo Olympics and the start of Shinkansen (bullet trains) service) and a market leader for ‘cup’ sake in Japan. Ozeki One Cup is a very well-balanced sake, sweet but with a bit of acidity with notes of soy sauce, plum, marmalade in the taste. As expected from futsushu, Ozeki One Cup is not very aromatic with just hints of rice, earthiness, wood, paper, and a bit of fruitiness in the aroma. It’s quite light-bodied and not complex.

    I had it chilled with chicken karaage and it was perfect. But you can have it at room temperature or slightly warm with a wide variety of foods from sashimi and sushi to grilled fish and meat or stews.  I wish I had it on Shinkansen with ekiben when I visited Japan last time!


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