5 best sake to enjoy in spring

I have started writing this post before all this coronavirus pandemic became so critical and severe. When the situation worsened I almost abandoned this article thinking that in such dire times it's probably not really relevant. However, after a week in self-isolation, I thought that people can still enjoy sake at home by ordering it online. So please stay safe, don't go outside unless it's really necessary and have a sip or two of one the featured sake looking how the nature is awaking outside oblivious of all out troubles. Kampai!

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Miyagi: A Passage to Tohoku

After going to the presentation of Miyagi prefecture, I have it on my list of future destinations. It's famous not only for it capital, Sendai, founded by powerful lord of teh Sengoku era, Date Masamune, not only for Matsushima Bay, which is considered as one of Japan's most scenic views but for its great food and beautiful sake!

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5 sake to celebrate Christmas and New Year

It feels like summer was only yesterday, and behold, it's already the end of the year! And it’s a great time to try new sake. Not only there are plenty of opportunities to try it at various tastings but also it’s a good way to celebrate the New Year a bit differently with a glass of sparkling sake at the midnight or a tumbler of nice mellow koshu at the end of the night. Read about my 5 choices of festive sake and make your choice. Kampai!

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Moonlight and… sake! What is Tsukimi?

Tsukimi (月見)is an ancient Japanese tradition of autumn moon viewing. So what did and does tsukimi involve? At the very beginning, it was a moon-viewing party at which people play music and compose poetry. I assume that Heian aristocrats were drinking sake on those parties as well.

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Sake bottles in Japan House

SSI sake taste profiles

SSI taste profiles is a great way to assess and remember the sake you try. The Sake Service Institute (SSI) have divided all the sake into four categories, kun-shu, sou-shu, jun-shu and juku-shu based on two criteria: aroma and flavour. Read a brief overview of all the four profiles including examples of sake for each.

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