Busting popular sake myths and legends

Now it's time to catch up with my blog posts. I have spent a lot of time writing and recording the first few episodes of my podcast. If you have not listened to it, it's available on the website as well as on all podcasting platforms. Just search for Sugidama Podcast :-). This post is a slightly abridged version of the first episode about the common sake myths. Sake is still a mysterious drink for many people and as all mysterious objects, it's surrounded by those myths and legends. Some myths are true but a lot of them are plainly false. Read on and see for yourself. And if you want more details, please listen to the podcast. Kampai!

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SSI sake taste profiles

SSI taste profiles is a great way to assess and remember the sake you try. The Sake Service Institute (SSI) have divided all the sake into four categories, kun-shu, sou-shu, jun-shu and juku-shu based on two criteria: aroma and flavour. Read a brief overview of all the four profiles including examples of sake for each.

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What sake is made from: Water

With my first post for 2019 I decided to continue the series “How sake is made” and wrote about water. It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of water for making great sake. You will find out what water is good, how it’s used and how different types of water are called. There is even a small dictionary at the end of the article. Kampai!

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