Tatenokawa 50 Seiryu Junmai Daiginjo

Light and fruity easy-to-drink sake with a smooth and crispy texture, tropical fruit aroma and sweet and dry finish.

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Tatenokawa Seiryu Junmai Daiginjo is one of those sake you can leisurely drink on its own. It’s crispy and light and tastes relatively sweet probably due to lower alcohol content. The aroma is very fruity with melon, apples and elderflower but also some dairy and cereal notes. Tatenokawa Seiryu has balanced acidity and tropical fruit and lemon peel in the taste. It’s best served chilled either as an aperitif or with a light type of dishes like grilled fish or/and vegetables.  It’s also perfect with cheese.

We had it with grilled seabass, tofu salad and light cheeses and it was very good!

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