Kubota Manju

Iconic junmai daiginjo with a subtle fruity aroma, smooth texture and balanced acidity. If you have never tried sake before, go for this one and you will enjoy it!



Kubota is one of these iconic sake brands which are not easy to buy in Japan. It’s usually compared to another iconic name, Dassai. Which is better? It depends on whom you ask. The opinions differ. For me, they are quite different despite the common smoothness and easiness to drink. Kubota is generally is a bit edgier, while Dassai is more like Mr Nice. It’s not that drastic as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but you’ve got the drift. Interestingly enough, both brands are brewed by the breweries with the same name, Asahi. But they are completely different breweries.

Kubota Manju is a classic junmai daiginjo sake. While it’s slightly less aromatic than an average junmai daiginjo, it’s got all the attributes: fruity aroma, mellow easy to drink taste, balanced acidity and subdued sweetness. For the koji starter, Kubota uses 50% polished Gohyakumangoku rice, while for the mash it’s 33% polished local rice from Niigata. Kubota Manju has a subtle but complex aroma with a prominent melon flavour at first. The more you drink it, you start recognising other notes like peach, honey, toffee and some dairy. If you go even deeper, you will smell a bit wilder aromas like pepper, nuts and even a bit of stone. The taste is not that intensive with a lot of mellow overtones, some bitterness and medium sweetness. The acidity is very well balanced, the texture is creamy while the finish is very smooth.

We had Kubota Manju with a crab salad and salmon made in foil and it was delicious. Kubot Manju should be excellent with any seafood or light poultry dishes or salads.


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