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The first post: sake journey begins

SakeMy name is Alex and I have to confess that I am not in any way a sake connoisseur. I don’t think I had tried sake before going to Japan in 2016. At least I do not remember. So this sake blog will be documenting my journey from a sake novice to someone, who at least understands a difference between Ginjo and Futsushu. In other words, I would like to learn about sake and track this learning experience to help other people find out more about the drink.

While I intend the blog to be focused on sake and related topics, it will also cover travelling to Japan, Japanese cooking, and some cultural events to reflect my passion for the country. I am not sure how it will pan out but hopefully, it will be interesting for people who would like to know more about sake and Japan in general.

For me, sake is one of the things that defines Japan. It is made from rice, which is a synonym for a meal in Japanese, it requires a lot of hard work and precision to make, it is deeply intertwined with the country’s religious and cultural traditions, and opposite to a popular belief it can be paired with any type of cuisine, not necessary Japanese. Although it goes very nice with a traditional Japanese keiseki dinner.

So please, wish me luck. Ganbaru!


Alex is a London-based sake blogger, podcaster, IWC Sake judge and sake advocate. He is a publisher of the Sugidama Blog website and a host of the Sugidama Podcast. Alex has an International Kikisake-shi (Sake Specialist) qualification from SSI (Sake Service Institute). He sees his mission as expanding the awareness of Japanese sake among as many people as possible and helping the growing community of sake lovers to bring together beautiful Japanese sake and non-Japanese food as a way to build a better understanding between our cultures.